Books By Michael

Hi, folks! Welcome to the Books By Michael page. I wrote some books.


  1. Ask Me About My Grandcats (2018)


Who’s ready to smirk insignificantly? Michael has put together a collection of 58 (count ’em–58!) comedy essays that is almost (but not quite) guaranteed to make you kind of grin maybe. Included in this collection are such titles as, “The Unappreciated, Aspiring Author Files an Auto Insurance Claim,” as well as the ever-tantalizing, “This Condolence Card Should Add Just the Right Amount of Sexual Tension.” Are you intrigued? Would you like to read more? No? Well, let me sweeten the pot a bit: also included in this collection are celebrity interviews conducted and concocted by the author himself. This is not a comedy book you won’t want to pass up until you do!


2.    Man-Child (2014)


A few years ago, I made the naïve decision to go to Author House to self-publish a book of personal essays called “Man-Child.” After a very eye-opening experience into the inner-workings of a vanity press, I decided to republish the same book for free on Smashwords because I am a spiteful man sometimes.

Why not take advantage of my ineptitude and anger? If you see this same book for more than free, you’re paying too much, folks! Better hurry, though. This book will soon be taken off of Smashwords and put onto Amazon.